Storyteller Who Lies
Chatter Away my lovely...
Corntown Chronicles
you are not alone
my human appearance (my face)
Who the hell am i?
Ugh, Hello! They call me Gaby and welcome to my place! I'm into many things and I love many things as people, objects, thoughts, and a beautiful mess. I no longer feel so lost in whatever the hell "this" is, I'm kind of just enjoying it and your welcome to come along. mi casa es tu casa! I hope you enjoy the stay and I am always here for any of you. If you need a friend, an ear(i have plenty), or just a stranger, I'm here. I love you all and i believe in you. Your existence is truly breathtaking
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Satisfying things

being a human is so weird

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Why would u torture me like this

good fucking bye

That actually hurt me
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